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Child Custody

A divorce can be physically and emotionally taxing. Finding an equitable means to share custody of your child with a previous partner can amplify that stress. To champion this task requires a skilled child custody lawyer that keeps you and your child’s best interest at heart. We invite you to learn more about this process and give us a call to see how our family can support yours during this difficult legal process. Our experienced divorce lawyers, custody lawyers, and family law attorneys are committed to helping families in Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, Fayetteville, and the surrounding communities get the best results possible.

When parents divorce, a divorce decree will be entered by the Court. This document will specify with whom the children will live and the circumstances under which the other parent will visit the children. Sometimes, parents are able to work out these arrangements between themselves or through mediation. If the parents cannot reach an agreement, a judge makes these decisions.

Whether the custody decision is made by parental agreement or through a court decision, there are a number of factors that typically weigh on the decision-making process. Considerations involving the child’s best interests are paramount, and in some cases, the judge may appoint an attorney ad litem to conduct an independent investigation.  These investigations can include interviewing the parties and the children and getting information from outside sources such as schools or doctors. The guardian ad litem will make a recommendation to the judge about whom which parent should get custody based on the information they gather. In addition to the child’s best interests, other factors taken into account can include:

  • The child’s preference;
  • Each parent’s home environment;
  • The work schedule of each parent and their financial stability; and
  • Each parent’s history of drug or alcohol abuse, if any.

There are two types of custody – physical and legal. Physical custody relates to the daily tasks involved in caring for a child, such as feeding, clothing, and providing shelter. Legal custody relates to the authority to make important decisions regarding the child, such as those surrounding education and health care. Sole or joint custody will be applied to both these types of custody, wherein both parents will split these responsibilities if joint custody is awarded.

Perhaps the most emotionally difficult part of a divorce surrounds child custody.

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